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Even the most advanced security systems cannot protect every area of a building. If window and door glass is not reinforced, intruders can still make a forced entry into a property, even after the alarm sounds.


PSS InviTheft impedes forced entry and smash and grab attempts by nullifying the thief's most important weapon - TIME.


Glass windows and doors treated with PSS InviTheft protection solution become practically impenetrable – buying valuable seconds for security alarms to activate, and the appropriate responders to be informed.


Designed to serve as part of an overall glass protection systems, the PSS theft protection solution transforms ordinary glass, allowing it to withstand the most violent attacks. Acting as a bond, the laminate holds glass in place – maintaining the structural integrity of a window, even under extreme stress.


PSS theft protection has achieved ASTM E1996 large missile and air pressure test certification.





PSS InviTheft are suitable for:

  • Shop windows

  • Office environments

  • Educational establishments

  • Commercial high rise buildings

  • Government buildings

  • Banks/Jewellery stores

  • Domestic homes


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Enhanced security - resists smash and grab burglaries

Protection against injuries or damage caused by fragments of broken glass

Applied easily to existing glass

Certified for explosive blast resistance

Clear Coat Protection - abrasion resistance to maintain appearance

Rejects UV light - reducing fading to fabrics and furnishings

Added protection during storms or hurricanes

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